Untidy Handbags cost you money!

21 04 2009
Is your bag messy? Get organised and save money!

Is your bag messy? Get organised and save money!

How does an untidy handbag cost you money?  Here some examples…

* If you can’t find your mobile phone and you miss the call… you have to pay to retrieve the message and then pay again to return the phone call!

* Can’t find your lipgloss?

* Can’t find the tissues?

* Where is that pen?

* I need to write something down…

Be prepared, get organised and have useful items in your handbag so you are not impulsively purchasing new items because you can’t find them.

Here are my suggestions –

* Get a small pencil case and stock it with pens.  Keep the pencil case in your handbag.  WHY?  How many times have you been on the run and needed a pen and bought one?

* Find a small cosmetic bag (usually found in the bottom of my bathroom cupboard!) and put some lipgloss and your favourite lipstick in it.  Also pop in some lip balm.  WHY?  How many times have you lost your lippy in the bottomlessness of your handbag and bought a new one?

* Buy a handbag that doesn’t have black lining.  The lighter the lining inside, the easier it is to find stuff!

* Make sure your handbag has pockets on the outside for easy access to mobiles.  (deep pockets at the front of the handbag are safest)

Visit http://www.secretbudget.net to add your tips and ideas for saving money!


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2 responses

17 10 2009

I think this will help me, and i plan to start this tomorrow…

14 01 2010
Adele Blair

Hi Michelle

We love these! You could also include a handbag organiser that will make your bag ultra neat and will make retrieval of all your bits and pieces super fast and easy!.


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