Dam Picnic – Week 12

14 04 2010

Hi everyone

Sorry I didn’t get an adventure to you last week, but I had to do an “emergency-dash” to Sydney as my Father was unwell.  However, last weekend we did have a bit of fun!

On Saturday, we decided to take a drive out to Wivenhoe Dam, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen the dam full and nor had I explored that area – we packed some snacks and off we headed, it was a glorious day!  When we finally reached the Dam I was amazed at how big it actually was, when we lasted visited, some 7 years ago, the Dam was simply a puddle way in the distance – what a fabulous site to see it almost full.  The park grounds were so lovely and green with so many people doing the same as us and taking the time to explore the area and enjoy the dam with fishing etc.

As I had been away and super busy at work for a few weeks and I felt I had been neglecting my gal-pals, so I decided to do something about it.  We arranged to meet up on Sunday morning and go for a nice long walk along the river – it was the morning of the pea-souper here in Brisbane – but that didn’t deter us, although it was quite steamy.  How lovely to take a long walk (exercise?) and chat to friends about what is happening in their life.  There is nothing as good as a good natter with friends to relieve some stress in your life.  Of course, afterwards there was the obligatory coffee (not free but affordable).

Why not take a drive to somewhere you haven’t been before, get from behind the TV or computer and get out there.  Also make the time to catch up with friends, it is so important.  Taking a walk (as we did) and chatting is a great way to grab a bit of exercise whilst you are at it!

Have a fabulous week!

Adele Blair


Note from Michelle House – walking is wonderful exercise and it’s free!  When you’re renewing or considering a gym membership remember to consider walking as your exercise.  Get a walking group together to keep you motivated.





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