Getting it sorted…

31 05 2010

As a professional organiser, it is not hard to imagine that sometimes I have to make an extra effort to keep my own life “organised”! Although people who know me might think I am already a little “over the top in this regard”. Anyway, my free activity last weekend, which turned out to be a lot of fund was to organise some photographs. This is a bit of a challenge these days don’t you think? We take digital photos but never print them out, so how do we ever get to see them again? I have to say I am still a little “old school” with photos, I like to select the best images and print those out for an album (also keeps the cost down of printing out every single image), if it is a special event I create a single small album just for that event, such as a holiday. The rest I put in albums roughly in date order with the date written on the spine of the album. To some I this might seem like a very long and tedious tasks and yes that can happen if you don’t keep on top of it. If you have loads of photos that you can’t “date”, just categories them into family, friends, events etc then create your albums from there ….. ok now I’m sounding like an organiser. Essentially we had some fun re-living the fun we had on our holiday and a couple of parties we had attended. Printed the photos off and made the albums (oh and backed up the digital images on to a CD – just in case).

What fun could you relive through your photos?

Adele Blair




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