Movie Marathon – Cheaper than the Movies!

31 05 2010

I love my Foxtel!

Fun Free Weekend was spent in front of the TV – well some of it anyway!

I am notorious for going to bed very early.  As such I need to record or IQ those great shows that everyone talks about that I never get to comment on because I never see them (I am sleeping).  I was super keen to watch The Pacific, it is on at 8.30pm, whilst that isn’t very late, I am always asleep by the end of the programmed.

So to avoid missing any part of the show,  I decided to record every episode, so this weekend we made a “move marathon” of it and watched the first four episodes  and of course because it was record we could whizz through the commercials – fabulous!

I like doing this, I get to see the shows I really want to, when I’m feeling alert and totally interested and I don’t have to worry about commercials.

What TV shows could you record to make a “move marathon” from?

Adele Blair

Green Apple Organising




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