Mountains of Fun

1 06 2010

Last weekend, marked my first anniversary of turning 40!

You may have learned from my earlier posts that we have a “rule” in our household when it comes to birthdays.  We don’t actually need anything; what we really need is “down-time”, so our birthday gift to each other is to arrange a surprise weekend away.

So whilst this is a great idea, what do I pack, what are we going to be doing, hiking, playing tennis, shopping what????  So on the morning of my birthday the announcement is made that we are going to Clear Mountain – yes I had to ask where this was too!  Turns out it is just north of Samford just outside Brisbane.

We spent the weekend exploring the area and dreaming about what it would be like to live there, which house would we buy, which block of land has the best view!

The best thing of all is that we had a total technology ban, so we couldn’t email, Twitter, phone anyone – we spent the entire time with each other – it was bliss!

So the free part was that my partner had a coupon for one night free accommodation and the fun part was just spending time together; which is actually both free and fun!

So the tip from this week is to think creatively when you are buying birthday gifts, do you need things or time with your loved ones!

Adele Blair

Green Apple Organising




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