15 07 2010

I’ve known about this one for a while but I haven’t tried it out, but I wanted to make sure I shared this one with you in light of everyone talking food and cooking with the ongoing popularity of Masterchef.

Did you know that at the Hospitality Training Association in Fortitude Valley, you can book in to enjoy meals prepared by trainee chefs at a fraction of the price of any restaurant?  We are talking a 4 course degustation lunch from $20 or a 7 course degustation dinner from $30.  Click here to check it out, download the menu and to make a booking – yes you most certainly do have to make a booking.

This looks like loads of fun, and whilst it isn’t free it is amazing value given the food you will be enjoying!

You can watch MasterChef 7.30pm Sunday – Friday on Channel 10.


Movie Marathon – Cheaper than the Movies!

31 05 2010

I love my Foxtel!

Fun Free Weekend was spent in front of the TV – well some of it anyway!

I am notorious for going to bed very early.  As such I need to record or IQ those great shows that everyone talks about that I never get to comment on because I never see them (I am sleeping).  I was super keen to watch The Pacific, it is on at 8.30pm, whilst that isn’t very late, I am always asleep by the end of the programmed.

So to avoid missing any part of the show,  I decided to record every episode, so this weekend we made a “move marathon” of it and watched the first four episodes  and of course because it was record we could whizz through the commercials – fabulous!

I like doing this, I get to see the shows I really want to, when I’m feeling alert and totally interested and I don’t have to worry about commercials.

What TV shows could you record to make a “move marathon” from?

Adele Blair

Green Apple Organising

Getting it sorted…

31 05 2010

As a professional organiser, it is not hard to imagine that sometimes I have to make an extra effort to keep my own life “organised”! Although people who know me might think I am already a little “over the top in this regard”. Anyway, my free activity last weekend, which turned out to be a lot of fund was to organise some photographs. This is a bit of a challenge these days don’t you think? We take digital photos but never print them out, so how do we ever get to see them again? I have to say I am still a little “old school” with photos, I like to select the best images and print those out for an album (also keeps the cost down of printing out every single image), if it is a special event I create a single small album just for that event, such as a holiday. The rest I put in albums roughly in date order with the date written on the spine of the album. To some I this might seem like a very long and tedious tasks and yes that can happen if you don’t keep on top of it. If you have loads of photos that you can’t “date”, just categories them into family, friends, events etc then create your albums from there ….. ok now I’m sounding like an organiser. Essentially we had some fun re-living the fun we had on our holiday and a couple of parties we had attended. Printed the photos off and made the albums (oh and backed up the digital images on to a CD – just in case).

What fun could you relive through your photos?

Adele Blair

Roller Derby – Low Cost Fun!

21 04 2010

We had quite an experience last weekend!  We were to go to a friend’s house for dinner, but one of the guests found out about Roller Derby!  Her partner is a huge fan so we decided to move the location of our dinner to the Convention Centre where the Roller Derby was being held.  The fun part of this adventure was that we were giving the “Roller Derby Fan” a surprise, so they set off, assuming that they were heading to dinner, but instead drove south to the convention centre.

There were so many people there;  we were, to say the least, totally surprised!  People of all ages were there!  They catered to those new to the sport by holding a Roller Derby 101 session before the “race” (I’m not sure if that’s what they call it), so we understood the rules, then they were off and racing.  These are seriously fit and resilient women who participate in this sport and it was quite exciting to watch.

Who knew these events happened in Brisbane?   Look around you and see what events are happening in your local area, the ticket to this event was just $16.50, so not free but certainly affordable and a whole lot of fun!

Have a fabulous week!

Adele Blair

* Picture from Fox Studios

Note from Michelle – Another wonderful idea.  Surprises for friends and family members are really a wonderful treat and there are loads of things you can do for minimal cost or for free.  You can post your tips to the Secret Stash and go in to the monthly draw for a Personal Budget Organiser valued at over $50!

Dam Picnic – Week 12

14 04 2010

Hi everyone

Sorry I didn’t get an adventure to you last week, but I had to do an “emergency-dash” to Sydney as my Father was unwell.  However, last weekend we did have a bit of fun!

On Saturday, we decided to take a drive out to Wivenhoe Dam, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen the dam full and nor had I explored that area – we packed some snacks and off we headed, it was a glorious day!  When we finally reached the Dam I was amazed at how big it actually was, when we lasted visited, some 7 years ago, the Dam was simply a puddle way in the distance – what a fabulous site to see it almost full.  The park grounds were so lovely and green with so many people doing the same as us and taking the time to explore the area and enjoy the dam with fishing etc.

As I had been away and super busy at work for a few weeks and I felt I had been neglecting my gal-pals, so I decided to do something about it.  We arranged to meet up on Sunday morning and go for a nice long walk along the river – it was the morning of the pea-souper here in Brisbane – but that didn’t deter us, although it was quite steamy.  How lovely to take a long walk (exercise?) and chat to friends about what is happening in their life.  There is nothing as good as a good natter with friends to relieve some stress in your life.  Of course, afterwards there was the obligatory coffee (not free but affordable).

Why not take a drive to somewhere you haven’t been before, get from behind the TV or computer and get out there.  Also make the time to catch up with friends, it is so important.  Taking a walk (as we did) and chatting is a great way to grab a bit of exercise whilst you are at it!

Have a fabulous week!

Adele Blair

Note from Michelle House – walking is wonderful exercise and it’s free!  When you’re renewing or considering a gym membership remember to consider walking as your exercise.  Get a walking group together to keep you motivated.

Clem 7 – Week 10

13 04 2010

With all the fuss about the Clem7 tunnel, I thought I would check this out as my Free Fun Adventure this weekend, a small one, but still ……… I live on the south side of Brisbane and quite often have to travel to the northern suburbs to visit clients so this tunnel could be a huge benefit to my business, a time saving benefit. Even though it was Sunday afternoon the traffic was quite slow but even then it took just 15 minutes to get through, so pretty happy about that. After we drove through the tunnel we went to visit a display home …. for no real reason other than I love looking at new homes and I am in the market for a new kitchen so am seeking some inspiration from new homes. So why don’t you go for a drive to somewhere you haven’t been before, or visit something to give you inspiration for whatever project or goal you are trying to achieve.

Have a super week!

Adele Blair

Free Fun Adventure – Week 9 – Weekend Away

14 03 2010

Last Wednesday my partner had to travel to Sydney for a conference for his work.  We lived in Sydney for about 6 years before moving to Brisbane in 2001, so still have some great friends and family who live in Sydney.  With my partner already in Sydney it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to take a trip so we could spend the weekend catching up with family and friends.

First thing I did was check out the Frequent Flyer Point situation and bingo I had enough points for a return trip (FREE).

So now I need to find somewhere to stay that is either free or almost free! secondly a place to stay.  My partner is a member of Accor and each year they give members a free night’s accommodation Yay ……. nothing available anywhere near where we wanted to be …… booooooo.

So, let’s call some friends and see if we can “invite” ourselves.  Bingo (again), a friend of ours was going out of town for the weekend so we could stay at their place and use their car all weekend (FREE).

We had a fabulous time catching up with some very dear friends, in particular some friends who have a very sick little boy (6 months old), he had Downs Syndrome and some associated complications – but oh-my-gosh he is the most adorable little man you’ve ever seen – I wanted to bring him home!

Where could you go with your frequent Flyer Points, or Fly Buy Points or any reward scheme you are part of?  Could you do a house swap with a friend in another City for a weekend or perhaps a longer holiday?  What about house-sitting a friend’s home if they are going elsewhere?  Lots of creative options to get a very inexpensive holiday or just a weekend mini-break!

Adele – Green Apple Organising