Roller Derby – Low Cost Fun!

21 04 2010

We had quite an experience last weekend!  We were to go to a friend’s house for dinner, but one of the guests found out about Roller Derby!  Her partner is a huge fan so we decided to move the location of our dinner to the Convention Centre where the Roller Derby was being held.  The fun part of this adventure was that we were giving the “Roller Derby Fan” a surprise, so they set off, assuming that they were heading to dinner, but instead drove south to the convention centre.

There were so many people there;  we were, to say the least, totally surprised!  People of all ages were there!  They catered to those new to the sport by holding a Roller Derby 101 session before the “race” (I’m not sure if that’s what they call it), so we understood the rules, then they were off and racing.  These are seriously fit and resilient women who participate in this sport and it was quite exciting to watch.

Who knew these events happened in Brisbane?   Look around you and see what events are happening in your local area, the ticket to this event was just $16.50, so not free but certainly affordable and a whole lot of fun!

Have a fabulous week!

Adele Blair

* Picture from Fox Studios

Note from Michelle – Another wonderful idea.  Surprises for friends and family members are really a wonderful treat and there are loads of things you can do for minimal cost or for free.  You can post your tips to the Secret Stash and go in to the monthly draw for a Personal Budget Organiser valued at over $50!


52 Fun Activities for Free or Low Cost

19 01 2010

Saving Money Adventure – Tip 2

So what did you do for fun last weekend?

Our next instalment in Free Fun Weekends was using vouchers!  I won a voucher to a restaurant and we had a voucher to see a movie!  So on Sunday afternoon I got dressed up (well just a little) and headed to our restaurant for a yummy lunch (making sure to select items that would not exceed the voucher value), then headed to Palace Cinemas at Barracks  to see Up in the Air!

Did you get some vouchers for Christmas or a recent birthday?  Make sure you keep them handy and certainly make sure they don’t  expire before you get a chance to enjoy them!

Stay tuned for next week’s instalment – I can feel a road-trip coming on!

Like most families the beginning of each year sets the scene for creating New Year resolutions.  One of ours was to keep a closer eye on our spending – was that the same for you?  In addition, we wanted to make sure we had a good balance of work and play (running your own business can consume all of your time whether you want it to or not).  So we have decided to see if we can come up with 52 fun activities (one each weekend), that we can do for free or at little cost.

I put this idea to Michelle , the budget guru, to see if she would like to share our “Free Fun Adventures” with her readers through her Blog; it might just give you a couple of ideas of how you can save money and still have a bit of fun!

So our first weekend of fun was going to the beach.  Now this may seem simple enough but we have lived in Brisbane for 9 years and not once have we had a “day trip” to the beach – I know it’s a sin!  So we packed a bag of goodies, some snacks, drinks, books to read etc and  left home at 9.30am on Sunday and headed south.  We had no idea where we were going and decided to simply stop at the first beach that had a car space! .  The weather was gorgeous and the surf was calm so it was perfect for a splash in the ocean and an opportunity to get my nose into a book, a book that was not business or work related, a novel of escapism!   We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours then sat on the grassed area near the beach and had a picnic lunch.  It was great just to sit and talk to my partner without the distractions of rushing to peg out washing or checking emails (I left my Blackberry at home)!  I felt like I’d been away on holiday! And yes it was most certainly fun! – Adele Blair

Avoid Christmas Chaos!

14 09 2008
Save Money - Avoid Christmas Overspend!

Save Money - Avoid Christmas Overspend!

I hate to be the one to tell you… it’s only 18 weeks until Christmas! I say only because this part of the year generally flies by!

I’m not only known as a “household budget expert”, but also as the Queen of Planning! Planning really is the key success with absolutely everything. When it comes to Christmas, I’ve usually done most of my present shopping in the January of that year and started compiling grocery goodies on a weekly basis!

There are some planning products available to help make Christmas a little easier on your hip pocket. Companies like Chrisco and Castle Hampers take a regular weekly payment from you after you have selected the “hamper” that you would like for Christmas. I find this an expensive way to buy groceries for Christmas and prefer to build my own little treasure trove!

My suggestion is to start now and do it yourself. Get 1 or 2 items each week between now and Christmas and you can have your own hamper, with exactly what you want in it at sale prices! Have a look at the specials each week and start stocking up. This week we’ll be buying a couple of bottles of flavoured mineral water from our local supermarket to add to our Christmas collection.

Planning now for Christmas is less strain for you and your loved ones. We should do everything possible to reduce stress and pressure in our lives. This is another step to having the freedom to live an enriched life!

Back to Frugality

6 09 2008
Save Money - Piggy Bank

Save Money - Be Frugal

I’m a big believer in being frugal!  My hard earned money is for me and my family – not for stuff!!  Anything that can help me save money for me and financial dreams is gold!  You can see heaps of tips on at my website

I created the site to have a forum for frugal and like minded people to share their money saving tips and tricks.  This site has been funded completely by me and is a free database for anyone to access.

On Monday I was fortunate enough to attend a business summit and had the pleasure of meeting David Koch (Kochie from Sunrise, Australia Morning Television Program).

David spoke about he believed the RBA would bring interest rates down by a 1/4% now and another 1/4% around Christmas time. He also spoke about how he is seeing a return to “frugality” and how it is going to be “popular” once again.

It’s been very easy for us to access flat screen tv’s, new cars, ipods, phones etc… everything on a payment plan where we can have it now and pay later.

What do you think about being frugal? Would you like to be known as someone who is frugal or would you prefer it to be a secret…?

Get Organised, Start Planning!

22 06 2008

This morning I sat down to my morning ritual, a cup of coffee on the back deck with my recipe books and 14 day menu planner in hand.  This family ritual has saved us $100’s with our household budget.  I believe that staying in control of your money requires planning and this is one of my favourite planning tips!

You can download a copy of my 14 Day Menu Planner at,com_docman/Itemid,22/task,cat_view/gid,6/.