What’s a PBO?

What is the PBO?

PBO™ (Personal Budget Organiser) is an ingenious wallet created specifically for personal budgeting. Cleverly designed with multiple pockets, PBO™ helps you focus and track your budget expenses every time you open it.

How it works

The key to personal budgeting is allocating a specific amount of money to each expense category. People tend to lose track of their personal budgeting when they neglect to keep records for what they’ve spent and forget to allocate those amounts to the appropriate expense categories.

PBO™ makes the expense allocation and tracking for personal budgeting easy. It comes with a budget summary card, financial goals card and blank expense category cards for you to complete and insert into it.

Budgeting cards

The process of filling out the cards starts you thinking about personal budgeting and what you hope to achieve. You’re then reminded of your goals, and the amounts you’ve budgeted for each expense category, as soon as you open your wallet.

On the financial goals card note down what is it that you want to achieve from personal budgeting and how you plan to do it by setting yourself a weekly, fortnightly or monthly expense budget.

Transcribe the expense budget information on to the budget summary card, breaking the total amount down into expense categories. Place it into the clear plastic sleeve in the wallet so you see it as soon as you open it.


Complete the expense category cards and attach one to each of the pockets in the wallet. Fill each of the pockets with the amount of cash that corresponds to your budget. As you spend, replace it with receipts after each of your purchases.

The PBO™ personal budgeting system works most effectively when using cash. The reason being that cash is tangible; when you open PBO™ up you can see what you have left. And if you’re staring at your last $50 you’re much less likely to spend it on something impulsive.

With cards you’re more inclined to buy on the spot and consider the consequences to your personal budgeting later. However, if you’re disciplined you can still use cards in combination with PBO™ to file your receipts into their expense categories.


The overall effect of seeing your cash go, and your receipts increase, is that you start to rethink some of your unnecessary expenses, such as the glossy magazine to read on the way home, the cup of coffee or snack on the run, or the afternoon sugar fix. Good news for personal budgeting, and possibly your waist line too!

With Australians owing between $30 and $40 billion in credit card debt, isn’t it time you rethought your personal budgeting strategies?

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